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150g Shards

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Dark Blueberry Shards

Dark Blueberry Shards£3.45

Dark Chilli Shards

Dark Chilli Shards£3.45

Dark Hazelnut Shards

Dark Hazelnut Shards£3.45

Dark Orange Shards

Dark Orange Shards£3.45

Dark Peppermint Shards

Dark Peppermint Shards£3.45

Dark Raspberry Shards

Dark Raspberry Shards£3.45

Dark Salted Caramel Shards

Dark Salted Caramel Shards£3.45

Dark Shards

Dark Shards£3.45

Dark Toasted Almond Shards

Dark Toasted Almond Shards£3.45

Milk Blueberry Shards

Milk Blueberry Shards£3.45

Milk Fudge & Biscuit Shards

Milk Fudge & Biscuit Shards£3.45

Milk Hazelnut Shards

Milk Hazelnut Shards£3.45

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Page 1 of 3:    25 Items