Our Story

Guppy's Chocolates are Peter and Fran Guppy and we are passionate about all things chocolate!

We are a family-run business, committed to providing good quality chocolate products at reasonable prices. 

Here's a little about how we started out...


Quality chocolates have been a passion of ours for a long time and before the younger generation of Guppy's came along, chocolate making was a part-time hobby for Peter. After both working for large companies in the financial services sector for many years, in September 2010, we decided to take our hobby further and make the dream of having our own chocolate producing business a reality. So, we converted our garage into our very own mini chocolate factory and gave up the other jobs!


Increased demand meant that our garage AND house were bursting at the seams with chocolate and packaging, so we took the leap and moved into premises on the outskirts of York.


A move to bigger premises was required and we now supply around 200 companies across the UK with our handmade chocolates. 

What to look for when buying chocolate

Firstly, the list of ingredients shouldn't be long. Good quality chocolate should really only include cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and possibly soya lecithin and vanilla (and of course milk powder, if it is milk chocolate). The chocolate itself should be glossy, crisp and firm and, the taste should be smooth and not gritty. Lastly, the taste of good chocolate should linger on the palate for a while and not fade immediately.


Cocoa Horizons Foundation

With every bag of chocolate we purchase, a portion goes towards funding the implementation of the productivity and community development activities of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. That means that every time you buy chocolate from us, you are also helping to fund these activities. 

Find out more by visiting guppyschocolates.co.uk/cocoa-horizons-foundation